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Estates & Farming

Careers / Estates and Farming

Estates and Farming

Empowering farmers and farming systems is a huge part of our “Re-imagine Global Agriculture and Food Systems” mission.  Olam has a very acute understanding of the problems faced by farmers. We have experts who liaise with government and environmental departments as well as estate managers who handle land development, plantation upkeep, cost & operations, fertiliser store management and much more. Our agronomists study soil, analyse crop production, and find scientific insights in yield variance for farmers. We firmly believe in the ability of large scale and small-scale farmers to join hands and open new avenues around our operations.  

Our scale and insights mean that we share learnings from one crop to another and drive efficiencies between Olam and its customers. Your analytical prowess coupled with your expertise in estate management, agriculture operations, and agronomy can help us build thriving communities. By joining our family, we can jointly re-think how people and organisation reap financial rewards to make the agricultural sector look attractive and viable.   

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