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Irrigation Manager

Date:  18 Apr 2024
Country:  Gabon
Function:  Not Applicable
Sub-Function:  Not Applicable

Irrigation Manager


Position Title:

Irrigation Manager

Business Unit


Reports to:


General Manager, Irrigation Project

Delegated Authority Level


Direct Reports


Indirect Reports


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Last Updated:

May 2023



Role Purpose   



To oversee the irrigation operations of the plantation and implement the maintenance of the irrigations infrastructure as outlined in the irrigation management plan.





Key Accountabilities        


Accountability Area

SMART Objective




  • Support and participate in the development of a team culture within Olam
  • Promote and contribute to the continuing development of best practices in OPG
  • Participate in the ongoing professional development and knowledge sharing of irrigation expertise within Olam
  • Assist the General Manager in the planning, monitoring and managing of key deliverables by achieving efficient and timely delivery of water and fertilizer to the orchards.
  • Liaise with workforce and/or contractors on site to ensure timelines and scoped works are conducted within the planned maintenance programs in a safe environment



  • Report immediately to the General Manager, Irrigation and General Manager Agronomy any issues which may restrict the timely delivery of water and fertilizer to the plantation
  • Maintain irrigation equipment service requirements with the General manager in conjunction with Olam’s maintenance program
  • Liaise with Olam management and the General manager to coordinate timely servicing and repairs of the irrigation system
  • Prepare, in conjunction, with Agronomy Department on a weekly irrigation schedule based on ET, monitoring of soil moisture, real time weather and system capabilities
  • Oversee and execute the timely and efficient delivery of fertilizer according to the fertigation management plan
  • Assist the General Manager in maintaining and recording all irrigation and fertigation events, power and water usage, water table readings, and any other relevant information.
  • Complete all maintenance in a timely manner according to the management plan
  • Identify and report issues areas and work in conjunction with the plantation Manager and Agronomy Department to undertake corrective measures

Leadership and Safety Management


  • Ensure that irrigation technicians/operators are adequately trained, equipped, and motivated so that the irrigation and related maintenance program can be accomplished in a safe, timely, and cost-effective manner.
  • Lead and support teams to achieve performance goals, ensure the right resources are recruited and trained to deliver operational plans
  • Actively contribute to achieving the overall goals of the company
  • Provide clear direction and assign tasks effectively
  • Manage risks, incidents and injuries in accordance with Olam Safety policy/procedure
  • Lead courageously and by example to create a culture of safe behaviour in conjunction with the Olam Safety Policy
  • Provide safe systems of work, information, training and management for optimal health and safety on farm for employees and contractors
  • All near misses and incidents to be recorded to minimize any lost time injuries and ensure all incidents are investigated effectively and controls put in place.
  • Provide expert advice and support on on-site management including regular training sessions


Stakeholder Management




  • Ensure dealings with stakeholders (both External and Internal) drive a positive reputation to deliver timely and cost-effective performance.
  • Ensure contractor controls are in place and manage performance of supplier contracts/contractors. Treat all contractors according to our Shared Values

Additional Requirements






  • Occasional travel within the region/cluster



Key Relationships





Irrigation team, Plantation team, OPG Management Team, Agronomy team, SD, I.T., Finance, HR.



Suppliers, Contractors, Auditor (Certification)





Person Profile


Qualifications / Knowledge / Skills / Experience    




  • Must have - experience In running the irrigation system, trouble shoot, and auto system, maintenance and check and its functions
  • Globally, middle east afrika europe.
  • Pumping station - 15 - 20 KM.
  • Minna, middle east north afrika.,
  • Drip line, filtration, pumping station,
  • Manager a team of 40 people.
  • 3 pumping station but looking after.
  • Location of position, Mouila lot 1 / PK 19. 
  • Functional knowledge of drip irrigation systems, system design and function
  • Good computer skills and understanding of programmed maintenance of irrigation infrastructure
  • Car drivers licence
  • 2 - 5 years’ experience in irrigation of plantation/horticultural crops
  • Ability to work autonomously
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to understand and assist in budget and tracking actual expenses
  • Ability to organize and supervise field staff/technician/operator
  • Ability to work with outside contractors
  • Sound organisational and problem solving skills
  • Ability to work in high pressure situations
  • Ability to Manage and report on activities
  • Confidence in provision of sound problem solving  advice and practical and cost effective solutions
  • Good interpersonal communication skills
  • Team oriented
  • Experience in the large scale plantation sector 
  • Degree or Diploma in Irrigation or related field
  • Experience in the use and storage of soluble fertilizers.  
  • Experience working with field personnel
  • Knowledge of Agronomy principles and practices
  • French

Job Description

Key Deliverables

Strategic Effectiveness

Operational Effectiveness

Organizational Effectiveness


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