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Supply Chain & Trading

Supply chain management sits at the heart of what we do at Olam. Our teams are focused on addressing challenges faced by our customers and their global supply chains. We have built an unparalleled network of farmers and co-operatives who work together to improve agriculture yield.

Olam works closely with partners to re-imagine supply chain through digital disruption and improved product traceability and sustainability. With an extensive global network and exposure to a vast array of commodities, our talent network is home to a group of sophisticated and energetic thinkers.

Our Supply Chain and Trading team is an ideal steppingstone for you to delve into the world of trading, merchandising, risk management, and analytics. Equipped with rigorous research and data, our trading experts analyse proprietary information on supply and demand giving us a unique edge in deriving better insights. 

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Branch Controller
Branch Controller Lafia, NG 11 Apr 2024 0.00 km
Nigeria 11 Apr 2024
Trader - Oil Seeds
Trader - Oil Seeds Remote, US 11 Apr 2024 0.00 km
USA 11 Apr 2024
International Sales Manager
International Sales Manager Libreville, GA 8 Apr 2024 0.00 km
Gabon 8 Apr 2024
General Manager
General Manager Abidjan, CI 8 Apr 2024 0.00 km
Cote d'Ivoire 8 Apr 2024
Mill Procurement Manager
Mill Procurement Manager Mouila-Office, GA 5 Apr 2024 0.00 km
Gabon 5 Apr 2024
Prop Trader
Prop Trader Singapore, SG 3 Apr 2024 0.00 km
Singapore 3 Apr 2024